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Anupamaa : Anuj – Anupama Get ‘Romantically’ Closer !!

The television drama, graced by the performances of Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, and Sudhanshu Pandey, is currently capturing hearts with its compelling narratives. In the episode of Anupamaa airing tonight, Anu, brimming with excitement for Aadhya’s birthday, is oblivious to the fact that Aadhya has explicitly expressed to Anuj her wish not to see Anu on her birthday. Anuj, fully aware of Anu’s anticipation for her daughter’s birthday, finds himself in a quandary over how to convey to Anu that Aadhya harbors resentment towards her and does not want her involved in the birthday festivities. Amidst this turmoil, viewers will be treated to a tender romantic moment between Anu and Anuj as they prepare for Aadhya’s birthday celebration.

The episode of Anupamaa commences with Anu (portrayed by Rupali Ganguly) arriving at Anuj’s residence. She shares with Anuj her joy at the prospect of celebrating her daughter’s birthday with her after a gap of 5 years. Anuj, tasked with the difficult job of informing Anu that she cannot participate in Aadhya’s birthday celebration, struggles to break the news.

Anuj and Anu embark on the preparations for Aadhya’s birthday celebration. They inflate balloons and adorn the house. Anu accidentally gets her hair stuck with cellotape; Anuj assists her in removing it. Anuj then experiences a minor electric shock, leading to Anu reprimanding him for his carelessness. These scenes underscore the unspoken love and affection that Anuj and Anu continue to share.

In the forthcoming episode, Rahul, an employee at Spice N Chutney, emerges as the true instigator behind the entire food debacle. Rahul harbors resentment towards Toshu (played by Gaurav Sharma), feeling overlooked as Toshu always seems to be the favored one, with even his major blunders going unnoticed due to his status as Anu’s son. Rahul plants cockroaches in the biryani, knowing that suspicion will naturally fall on Toshu. After the food critic departs the restaurant, the majority suspect that Toshu intentionally contaminated the biryani with cockroaches.

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