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Anupamaa: Malti Devi’s Vengeance to Break Anupama into Pieces !

The upcoming episodes of Anupamaa have been unveiling major twists in the show. After Anupamaa not going to America, Malti Devi has decided to seek revenge on Anupamaa and ruin her whole family. The first thing she did was to seal Anupamaa’s dance academy which made Samar and Dimpy financially unstable.

Now in the fresh promo, Anupamaa has another nightmare where she sees her kids Samar, Toshu and Pakhigoing away from her.

In the promo we saw, Anupamaa was playing blindfolded with her kids when she goes to find them, they are nowhere to be found and she accidentally broke the photo frame which had their picture.

Anupamaa wakes up in fear from the nightmare and sees Anuj and Anu next to her. Will she lose her children in the near future?
For the unversed, Anupamaa has been extremely tensed as she had her first nightmare after the dance academy got sealed that Samar was no more. In her dream, she ran to the Shah house yelling for Samar while the Shahs stood there in grief. When she kept yelling, Toshu told her that Samar is no more. Anupamaa has been constantly trying to stay in touch with Samar and keeps removing the evil eyes fallen on him for protection from Malti Devi’s evil motives.

However, in the recent episode, Malti Devi and Dimpy succeed in their devious plan as Dimpy persuades Samar and makes him sign the contract with Malti Devi. He will be now bound to only work with Gurukul and nowhere else. He signed the contract under the pressure of having no work and getting blacklisted by the association.

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