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Anupamaa : Not Malti Devi But THESE People to Become Villains in Anupama’s Life !

The story of Anupama serial is revolving around extra marital affairs these days. In Anupama, the secret of illegitimate children of not one but two people has been exposed. One of which is Kavya, who has told the truth to Anupama that she is going to be the mother of Anirudh’s child and not Vanraj. On the other hand, the illegitimate son of Anuj’s brother Ankush has also entered the Kapadia mansion. After two simultaneous blasts, the ground has slipped from under the feet of Anupama (Rupali Ganguly).

Regarding the upcoming twist of Anupama Twist, it is being said that the relationship of three pairs together in the serial will be on the verge of breaking. One of which will be Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj has come to know the truth about Kavya’s child, while now he has decided that he will not take responsibility of someone else’s child.

So on the other hand, the ups and downs of Pakhi and Adhi’s relationship have been visible for a long time. Adhik’s attitude is not good towards Pakhi, he is constantly behaving badly with Pakhi and also causing physical injury to her. Pakhi is silent seeing the happiness of both the families but soon she will be seen doing something big.

In Anupama Serial Story, on the other hand, the secret of Malti Devi’s life is also going to be revealed. If the reports going viral on social media regarding the serial are to be believed then the secret of Malti Devi’s real child will be revealed. On the other hand, the affection inside Malti Devi will force her to forgive Anupama. However, the makers are currently showing Anupama’s family creating a new ruckus in her life by removing the focus from Malti Devi.

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