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Anupamaa : Shruti Cunning Plot to Cause Anupama’s Downfall!

Rupali Ganguly’s show has garnered immense popularity, making her a familiar name in many households. Her fame has skyrocketed, and she is adored by a large audience. She has even decided to venture into politics, leveraging her celebrity status. However, in the TV show Anupamaa, we will witness her vulnerability as her Superstar Chef trophy and the associated prize money will be revoked due to a mistake she makes. It appears that this has been orchestrated by Shruti.

In the series Anupamaa, Anu, now the proprietor of Spice & Chutney, employs her son Toshu. Despite his past misdeeds, which led to her imprisonment and numerous obstacles, and his demand for money from Anupamaa after her victory, Toshu seems to be remorseful and has accepted a job at her restaurant. However, he errs on his very first day, forcing Anupamaa to apologize on his behalf. It appears that Toshu’s transformation may not be genuine after all.

The plot against Anupamaa is masterminded by Shruti, in collaboration with Toshu. Shruti, portrayed by Sukirti Khandpal, harbors jealousy towards Anu, while Anuj remains in love with her. Shruti’s plan is to humiliate Anupamaa into returning to India, paving the way for Anuj to marry her. However, it is reported that Aadhya will discover Shruti’s scheme. Upon realizing Shruti’s darker side, Aadhya may reconsider her feelings towards Anupamaa.

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