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Anupamaa : Shruti Proposes Marriage to Anuj ! End of MaAn ?

The television show starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna has indeed struck a chord with its audience, weaving drama that keeps viewers hooked. Notably, the show has secured the coveted number 1 spot in TRPs.

In recent episodes, we witnessed Aadhya nudging Anuj to organize a surprise birthday celebration for Shruti. She persuades him to take Shruti out on a special birthday date. Meanwhile, Anu and Yashdeep engage in a heartfelt conversation. Yashdeep reveals that he, like Aadhya, once loved someone deeply, only to see that person walk away without explanation.

Now, brace yourselves, devoted fans of MaAn! In the upcoming episodes, Shruti is poised to propose to Anuj for marriage. This development hints at the possibility of a significant turning point in the MaAn love story.

As the story unfolds, Aadhya requests Anuj to plan the surprise birthday party for Shruti. Curious about Anuj’s interactions, Aadhya checks his phone. To her astonishment, she discovers that her father has set a password—a departure from the past five years. Suspicion creeps in, and Aadhya wonders if Anuj is secretly communicating with Anu. Her insecurity grows, leading her to urge Shruti to propose to Anuj on her birthday.

The burning question remains: Will Anuj accept Shruti’s marriage proposal? Or will Shruti eventually uncover Anuj’s lingering feelings for Anu, who happens to be none other than Joshi Ben?

Stay tuned for the unfolding drama!.

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