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Anupamaa: Vanraj Seeks Anupama’s Forgiveness on Bended Knees !

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we witness Anupamaa, also known as Rupali Ganguly, reprimanding Kavya for her actions towards Vanraj. She makes it explicit that she will not tolerate such behavior. Finally, Vanraj hears this truth and is left utterly shattered. He resolves never to accept Kavya again. Anupamaa advises Kavya to leave Vanraj and embark on a new life alone. Will Kavya heed this advice and find her own way?

As we see Vanraj completely broken by the revelation, Anupamaa approaches him to offer solace. In this moment, all his past mistakes in relation to Anupamaa come flooding back to him. He now realizes the immense pain he caused her through his deceitful actions. We witness Vanraj humbling himself before Anupama and apologizing for everything he has done wrong.

What will be his next step? It is possible that here ends the story of Kavya and Vanraj.

However, what about Barkha? Will she also choose to leave Ankush when his illegitimate child returns to Kapadia Mansion?

Will Ankush’s child be accepted by Anupama? Will Barkha file for divorce or embrace Ankush along with his child? The upcoming episode of Anumpma will reveal all these answers.

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