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Barsatein : Reyansh Breaks Up With Aradhana; Wants Her OUT !

Sony Entertainment Television’s “Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka” is an enthralling romantic drama centered around two strong-willed individuals, Reyansh and Aradhna, whose intense and fervent personalities collide, propelling them into a complex journey of emotions.

In the previous installment, viewers witnessed Reyansh devastated after witnessing Aradhana visit her ex-partner, Mayank, in a hotel room.

Aradhana will consider herself fortunate to have Reyansh’s love. She firmly believes that he will comprehend her predicament. Meanwhile, Mayank will disclose to Reyansh that Aradhana has a preference for toxic and heartbroken individuals like him. He will allege that she betrayed Reyansh by sharing derogatory information about his family. Mayank mentions that Reyansh’s mother is unable to move on from her former lover.

Consumed by passion, Reyansh decides to drive Aradhana from her residence to the office. Once in the office premises, he reveals to everyone present that Aradhana manipulated his emotions and sentiments. Later on, he expresses his desire for her departure from his life directly to Aradhana.

The question remains: what actions will Aradhna take now?

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