Bigg Boss 13’s Asim Riaz poses shirtless; girlfriend Himanshi calls him a ‘pumpkin’

Asim Riaz may not have won the Bigg Boss trophy, but the model-actor certainly managed to make headlines and stay in the news for his closeness with Himanshi Khurana, who had entered the house as a wildcard contestant.
The two are making the most of their time after the controversial reality show. They have resumed work and often catch up with each other. When Asim recently posted his shirtless photo on his social media account, Himanshi called him ‘pumpkin’ in the comment section.


Asim grew closer to Himanshi when they were in Bigg Boss 13. He even proposed to her on the show. However, he was confronted by Salman Khan and Vikas Gupta for having a girlfriend outside the house. Asim had then assured them he’d fix everything outside.


While many people supported his relationship with Himanshi, there were others who opposed it and called it fake. Asim even wrote a note to his fans asking them to respect the person he is with.


Asim tweeted, “I respect every one of you so I expect that you guys respect me also. My journey in the house was more challenging than one and a half hour shown on TV. I connected with Himanshi because she was going through the same negativity as me and we decided to go against the narrative together even though it was against the popular opinion. That’s why the mutual respect and admiration for each other. I am sorry if anybody has got hurt by mine and her words due to some reasons.”


He added, “Will always be thankful to my fans for the respect and honour and please judge me as much you want for who I am but not by whom I am with!! Just be the much awesomeness you guys are… respect and love you all!”



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