Bigg Boss 17: Neil Bhatt gives the same attitude back to KhanZaadi

The latest episodes of Bigg Boss 17 have witnessed the members of Dum House against KhanZaadi for her behaviour towards them. The fight began with KhanZaadi not doing duties and calling Rinku Dhawan dumb, it escalated to how she ruined the coffee and milk and then took more because she had already wasted one cup. This created a fight between Aishwarya, Neil and her.

In the upcoming promo, Neil Bhatt loses his calm over KhanZaadi’s drama and gives it back to her. As the promo begins, Aishwarya tells KhanZaadi that she was the one who mentioned that she would cook her food on her own. KhanZaadi then said, “That is because you all weren’t listening to me.” Aishwarya loses her patience and says, “Kya frustrating, har baar ladti rehti hai.”

KhanZaadi picks a fight with Neil but initially, he ignores her and says “I am done I don’t want to talk.” KhanZaadi escalates the matter and says, “You need to watch your tone, look at your pitch. You need to heal.” Neil gave it back and KhanZaadi kept yelling ‘Dude’ This irked Neil and he struck back, “Yes, Dudette! Yeh nautank kahi aur karna, mere saamne mat karna tum. Sach bata raha hu main Feroza.”

Aishwarya bursts out laughing looking at Neil’s flipside. She dances in joy and says, “My husband is back Bigg Boss. He is finally back.” Neil slams KhanZaadi for acting fake, says “You find this entertaining right.”

Earlier, after Navid got eliminated, KhanZaadi realised that she was left alone in the Dum House, while all of them were against her. She then tried to sort out her food as she went to Jigna and Rinku to say, “I think we should cook our food together so that fights don’t continue. We are staying in the same house so I think this would be best.” Jigna refused to agree to her decision, “Now, that you know there is no one to support you, you have come here. We can’t trust your decision. Tomorrow again you will flip so it would be better if you think it through and then come.”

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