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Bigg Boss 17: To save Anurag Dobhal, Vicky Jain and his roommates of Dimaag house nominate Neil Bhatt for the whole season

Bigg Boss 17 is becoming extremely dramatic with each episode. The last episode was filled with battles, twists, and disputes. In the forthcoming episodes, The Bigg Boss will surprise the contestants with an exciting announcement.

Bigg Boss members are asked to suggest a contestant for the entire season. They also nominated Neil Bhatt.

According to the latest Bigg Boss 17 promo, Dimag Room members Vicky Jain, Arun Mashettey, Tehelka, Sana Raees Khan, and Anurag Dobhal were asked to choose one candidate for the entire season.

Neil becomes enraged and irritated after learning about this. He declared, “Sabse fattu hai yeh” (He is a coward). Neil continues, “Chun ke badla lunga” (I’ll take my revenge).

Despite knowing each other from a prior show, Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain were not on the same page in Bigg Boss 17. Neil and Vicky had a significant fight in the second week, which was followed by fights between Aishwarya and Ankita and regular conflicts between Aishwarya and Vicky. By the second week, it was evident that neither couple would change their habits and would instead turn against each other.

Neil Bhatt will clash with Ankita Lokhande in the forthcoming nomination task, and the two will engage in a verbal brawl. While Ankita refers to Neil as “Fattu,” he refers to her as “Khokli.” Following the nomination process, Bigg Boss gives Vicky Jain and the other Dimag Room members the authority to nominate someone for the entire season.

Given Neil’s significant spat with Ankita Lokhande, her husband Vicky Jain appears to have exacted revenge on Neil Bhatt by selecting him for the entire season, leaving Neil and Aishwarya enraged.

On the other hand, Anurag was ready to take a voluntary exit from the show and pay the Rs 2 crore penalty. Munawar, Ankita and others also tried to make him understand but he refused to listen.

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