Erica Fernandes Speaks Up About Closure of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

TV show ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’ is soon going off-air and Erica Fernandes, who played Prerna Sharma in it, has wrapped up her shoot. “Every good thing comes to an end, and daily soaps are no different. In order to make way for a new show, the older show has to come to an end,” she says. But, didn’t it disappoint Erica as an actor? “Not at all. Actually, an actor has no say in whether the show will run for years or come to an end all of a sudden. We are actors and cannot control the storyline, which is the prerogative of the makers and channels,” she replies.

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‘With time, both audience and TV content have evolved’
While the original ‘Kasautii’, which starred Shweta Tiwari, was hugely popular, the second season couldn’t match up to it. Erica says, “It’s not necessary that what worked 20 years ago, will receive similar attention and fame today. Back then, the audiences were different, but viewers have evolved over the years. Similarly, the script and content of daily soaps have evolved and there’s no set formula that works every time.” Post lockdown, while shooting of TV shows resumed, many shows were also pulled off air abruptly. So, did the lockdown play spoilsport? “Yes, to a great extent. There were many restrictions on the set after shooting resumed in June. Issues like social distancing and lesser crew members hampered the industry a lot,” she replies.


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Erica believes that her on-screen chemistry with co-star Parth Samthaan was a result of their friendship

‘Developed great chemistry with all my Kasautii co-actors’

Erica and her co-actor Parth Samthaan’s sizzling chemistry was a talking point. About the equation they shared, Erica says, “Not just Parth, I had developed great chemistry with all my co-actors in the show. While I already knew some of them, Parth and I met on the set and became friends. If two actors are comfortable with each other, that chemistry translates on the screen.”

Miss being on shooting set

While the actress is gearing up for a new project, there are a few things that she misses while being at home. “I am not a morning person and I hate getting up early. So, I am enjoying this phase, when I can sleep till late without worrying about the shoot’s early call time. However, I am missing being on set — having fun, doing masti with co-actors, the chit-chat sessions, leg-pulling, gossiping and playing pranks during the breaks.” she admits.

‘Would like to play a warrior princess’

After playing Prerna, Erica is now looking forward to something totally different. “Now, I want to do something that I have not tried so far. Maybe, playing a warrior princess would be great, as it will have various dimensions to it,” she says.

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