Fahmaan Khan: Stayed in PG with 17 boys, eat vada pav, slept in car for 3 weeks during struggle days | Etimes TV

Fahmaan Khan, who is currently one of the popular actors and one of the leading men of the Indian television industry has not had it easy in showbiz. He had to go through several challenges to finally make it big in the industry. Recently, the good-looking actor joined ETimes TV for an exclusive chat where he bared his heart out.

Fahmaan talked about his conversation with his late brother and actor Fahmaan Khan before joining the television industry, the rejection phase, surviving in Mumbai without any financial support and making wrong choices in life.

He revealed during his first visit to Mumbai, he couldn’t bag any work, so he went back and opened a garment shop in Bangalore. Fahmaan also shared how he was mocked when he went back without doing any work.

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