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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Shakti Arora Believes Ghum was Meant for Neil Bhatt !

Shakti Arora, who has joined Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin after the generation leap as Ishaan Bhosle, has already impressed the audience with his acting skills. The actor recently spoke to ETimes TV and gave an insight about his character and his connection to the show. He shared an interesting anecdote about him and Ghum and added how he believes the show was meant for Neil Bhatt.

Commenting about legendary actress Rekha ji’s association with the show, Shakti said, “Rekha ji is a legendary, beautiful actress and I think she hasn’t aged at all in her life. When I see her old films and compare her looks now, she seems the same. She’s an eternal beauty. To be associated with her and her being associated with our show is a huge thing for us. It is an honour for me and the way she has introduced us in the show, I feel blessed.”

When asked if he feels the pressure of maintaining the TRP of the show after generation leap and the original star cast Neil Bhatt, Ayesha Singh’s exit, he said, “Yes, pressure of taking over is there because the show is in second and third position on the TRP charts and the only way I see is taking the show up on the charts. It can’t go down and we can’t afford it to let it go down. So it is a huge responsibility on our shoulders to win the audience’s heart and touch new heights.”
Talking about his bond with Neil Bhatt, Shakti Arora recalled his association with him, “Frankly speaking I haven’t met the old star cast but I’ve met a few members from the previous star cast. Neil ko main pehle se jaanta hoon, I’ve known Neil from our initial days. We started our career almost together. We have even acted in an Ad together many years ago. I think it must be around 2005-06 so that’s how I know him. We have not been in touch but I know he’s a great actor and he has ruled many hearts through this show, I feel this show was a blessing for him,” he shared.

Shakti made an interesting revelation about Ghum and his association and shared, “In fact, I want to make a revelation that I was offered the role of Virat earlier but I couldn’t do the show for some reason. Later, it became a huge hit and I was upset…Mujhe FOMO hogaya tha but when I saw Neil Bhatt in Virat’s role I was very happy. He deserved the show and while playing Virat he also got his life partner through this show. I think this show was meant for him and he should have definitely done it. Now, I’m part of the second innings because I’d FOMO and now I’m fulfilling my FOMO moment.”

The good-looking actor is all praise for his leading ladies and said, “Both the girls are very sweet and very grounded. The show has just begun with us in the second innings so thankfully nobody has any airs. Otherwise, in our industry it happens that people do one show and they start considering themselves as Shah Rukh Khan. They are grounded and I’ll try my best to give them all the instructions on how to be grounded.”

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