Imlie : Abhishek Sharma aka Vishwa Shares His Experience of Shooting for ‘Imlie 3’

Abhishek Sharma, currently in the limelight for his portrayal of ‘Vishwa’ in the TV show ‘Imlie’, disclosed that he concluded his shooting schedule on February 9. As the show, starring Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao, is set to broadcast his character’s death scenes today, he reflects on the joyful experiences he had during his time on the show as his character’s journey comes to a close.

He shared, “My character was introduced into the show with a mission to avenge my father Tej Pratap Singh’s (played by Abhinav Gautam) death, a plan instigated by my on-screen mother Navya (Manisha Vora). However, as time passed, I found myself falling in love with the show’s lead, Imlie (Adrija Roy). My time on the show was an emotional rollercoaster, and I had the opportunity to portray a complex and vibrant character. The role of Vishwa will always hold a special place in my heart. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of ‘Imlie’, one of the most beloved shows on Indian television.”

Abhishek added, “I’m grateful that Gul Khan ma’am had faith in me and gave me the opportunity to bring such a beautifully nuanced character to life. I’m indebted to her and hope to collaborate with her again in the future. The team was incredibly supportive and welcoming. Our director, Ashish Shrivastava, was a constant source of encouragement and guidance. I had the chance to work with and learn from many talented individuals, which helped me grow both personally and professionally. I formed many friendships during my time on the show. I will certainly miss embodying Vishwa.”

Discussing his future aspirations, he expressed his desire to take on a romantic role. He said, “This was my first venture into television, and I’m grateful that my work was recognized. I derived immense satisfaction from connecting with the audience, and I was humbled by their appreciation of my performance. I was delighted to receive positive feedback and well-wishes from them on my social media. Motivated by this support, I’m now ready to explore new opportunities. I’m currently in discussions regarding new projects. I’m eager to take on more challenging and intriguing roles. I have a particular interest in playing a romantic character or delving into the mythological genre.”

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