Is Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Going Off Air? Gul Khan Responds

Gul Khan’s Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka has been making headlines recently as reports suggest that the show might end soon. The show stars Vikram Singh Chauhan and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles. We reached out to the producer to know the status of the show currently and if it is the high cost of production which has resulted in considering if the show will continue longer or not, especially in COVID times. Over to her:

Fans have been wondering and asking why are you planning to shut Yeh Jaadu…?

First of all, thanks a lot to the fans to show soo much love to the shows and the characters, but shutting any show is not in my hands, that is decided by the channel, which decides that on the ratings. Secondly, it has not been decided yet whether the show will shut or not. However, we all know that if the ratings don’t grow substantially, hard calls will be taken.

It is being said that the reason for the decision is the production cost for the show which is on the higher end, given the graphics and VFX used. 

No, the reason for shutting down the show is not the high cost. Budgets have been slashed as post-COVID economic regression is our reality. And as per the budget cut, the show’s graphics have been scaled down too. So the budget has no co-relation with show shutting. If it shuts, it will be if numbers don’t grow in the coming week


Moreover, Jaadu was planned as a 100 episode series only. So, whatever it is running now is on an extension. Technically the show is not shutting. It was always a finite series that got a bit of extension. It is not a regular finite daily that is being shut down.

Lastly, Yeh Jaadu has been so popular online as well. Why doesn’t online popularity matter when it comes to numbers?

I always get this question that it’s so popular, it’s trending on Twitter and you guys are saying it’s not popular. So let me put things in a bit of perspective, not even a total 2% of the Indian population is on Twitter, so even if it is trending every day, if it’s not reflecting in BARC ratings, the show will still be considered a low rating show. The percentage of online popularity reflects a very very small percentage of the viewers.

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