Kundali Bhagya SPOILER : Preeta to Catch Prithvi Redhanded !

When you think of a TV show that has not only rules TRP charts but also has a special place in the hearts of viewers, Kundali Bhagya’s name is bound to pop-up first. The Zee TV show starring Shraddha Arya (Preeta) and Dheeraj Dhoopar (Karan) has been making heads turn with their amazing storyline, PreeRan’s chemistry, and the actors’ phenomenal performance. After a long break of three months, the show returned to the small screen with yet another engrossing and gripping plotline.

As expected, fans witnessed the fun-loving nok-jhok of the cute jodi Preeta and Karan. However, the duo also found themselves in new trouble as an unknown man kidnapped them. Yes, you read that right! If you’ve been watching the show, you might know that Karan and Preeta have been kidnapped, and the kidnapper is none other than Prithvi Malhotra aka Preeta’s ex-fiance (played by Sanjay Gagnani). It will so happen that Prithvi will hit Karan on his head, will keep him and Preeta in the same room as they both are unconscious. Later, when Preeta and Karan will get suspicious of Karan’s intentions as they find a knife in his pocket. However, they will not have any ‘actual’ clue against him.

But now, in the upcoming episodes, Preeta will keep a keen eye on Prithvi to decode his plans. She will continuously spy on him. Sherlyn (Ruhi Chaturvedi), who was helping Prithvi in his plans, will back off and betray him as he falls in trouble. As Sherlyn takes a step back from Prithvi’s plans, Preeta will find some clues against him, which will make stronger her suspicion over him. Then she will go on a mission to get hold of the kidnapper and expose him. Ultimately, Preeta will catch the kidnapper red-handed and find out that her suspicion on Prithvi was right as he is the ‘real kidnapper.’

Well, it would be interesting to see how Karan and Preeta save themselves from the kidnapper and get away from this difficult time. What are your thoughts on the same? Are you enjoying this fresh track of Kundali Bhagya? Let us know in the comment section below.

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