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Kushal Tandon Speaks About His Back Injury & Spurt in Weight

Actor Kushal Tandon, who made a comeback to television screens after a hiatus of 6 years with Barsatein: Mausam Pyaar Ka, is currently being loved for his performance and chemistry with co-star Shivangi Joshi. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, the actor opened up about the reason for staying away from acting and battling back injury and weight gain.

Talking about his injury, Kushal said, “I had a back injury, I was on bed rest for six months.

I was trying a somersault and injured my back. L2 L1 mein problem hogaya tha. I gained a lot of kilos. I was 115 kgs. I went to Thailand and underwent training and lost around 12 kgs in a month. I trained a lot more and it’s a process to get back in shape in the next two months. It has been a huge struggle to come from 115 kgs se 90 kgs tak aane mein.”

Kushal is very particular about his health especially after the injury and works out twice a day to stay in shape, “I get up in the morning at 6:30 and I go for training. I come back home, get ready and come to the shoot. I finish my 12 hours of shoot, then again I go back for training. I reach home at 12, eat food and sleep. I’m sleeping for 6 hours and I’m training twice a day,” said the dedicated actor.
The good-looking actor, who started his career as a model, has always been admired for his looks and great body. When asked if he was worried about the weight gain, he said, “It did not affect me much as I took it like a break. Maine socha now I’m injured so let’s take a rest and have food, jab theek hojayega then I’ll get back in shape. I knew that I was injured and I couldn’t do anything. I’m a foodie and I love food so I just hogged on it. I was not in the zone of oh my God what has happened to me at all. I’ve always been training since I was in class 12th so I was mentally prepared. Training and getting into any weight category any frame has always been easy for me,” he concluded.

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