Manasvi Vashisht : Replacing Gashmeer Mahajani in Imlie was Quite Tough !

It has been more than a month that Manasvi Vashisht replaced Gashmeer Mahajani in the show Imlie and he says that it has been a good ride for him so far. “When I took up this role I knew that the audience is used to seeing another actor doing this role, so it would be challenging. I had thought that it would take the audience a long time to accept me, but I am surprised that the audience is giving good response and appreciating my work,” he says.

He further adds, “It is an interesting role. Also, I had to fit in someone else’s shoes so I saw this as a very good opportunity to prove my mettle. Gashmeer had his style while I have mine. I am bringing my own flavour to the character of Aditya.”

Talking about netizens’ reactions initially when he replaced Gashmeer, he says, “People were writing on social media that they want Gashmeer back and no one can replace him. I knew this would happen. It’s normal. But in no time I saw that everything cooled down and now I rarely get messages and tags like those,” he says

Manasvi has been a part of showbiz for 2 years now and he has learnt to deal with situations like these. He says, “One thing I have learnt is that not everyone is going to like you. Not only in the entertainment industry but it’s like that across all spheres. Now I think that even actors have become mature enough to deal with trolls. It is a part of the job and there are pros and cons to everything.”

Manasvi, who has earlier worked in shows like Ishq Mein Marjawan, says he has worked hard to reach this point in his career. He says, “I was in another city for a decade and then I made a choice to move to Mumbai and pursue a new career. I am glad that I did that, it worked for me.”

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