Namak Issk Ka : Actress Monalisa Tests Negative for Covid

Namak Issk Ka actress Monalisa, who had tested positive for COVID-19 has recovered and has tested negative now. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, the actress shared that more than testing positive for COVID, the fear of the virus brought her stress. She also shared how she kept herself busy during the quarantine phase and that she will be travelling to Uttar Pradesh to meet her family.
“I had done my tests on April 5 and I was very anxiously waiting for my reports and finally it came yesterday and I was tested negative. I was so happy after getting the report that I was dancing with joy. Before Holi on Friday I had started getting symptoms, not the major one. First I had body ache and then I got 108-degree fever and then I took medicine and I didn’t fever post that. After I felt better and there was no sign of body ache and fever so I went for shoot. But on Tuesday I felt as I had fever as a precautionary measure let me got for COVID-19 test and my test came positive. As I had no symptoms everyone on sets and I myself was very sure that I won’t test positive for COVID-19,” she said.

Monalisa shared that she was staying alone in her flat in Mumbai and managed everything on her own, “But when the reports came positive I panicked because we have been hearing so much about corona since the last 12 months. I was petrified, after seeing the reports. Luckily, my husband Vikrant had his shoot and he left for Uttar Pradesh. So, I was alone in home quarantine properly and I was managing everything on my own. From cooking to cleaning the house, I did everything on my own. Anyway, I was having normal food, taking steam, gargle and vitamin C tablets,” said the actress.

The Namak Issk Ka actress believes that it’s all in the mind and she consulted her doctor who advised her to stop thinking, “I feel everything is in the mind, till the time I was not tested positive, I was all fine, but the moment my reports came, I started panicking. I did not get fever, nor had any other symptoms after I tested positive, I was doing all fine. No weakness, nothing. Thank God, because of me nobody got affected. I would talk over phone and video call with people, watched movies a little bit. I read books to keep myself busy. The stressful part was not testing positive for COVID-19, but the fear about the virus which we have been listening for a year now. I would think a lot about it and my doctor also advised not to think much and just follow the protocols. I think it was a phase and I am happy I got out of it luckily,” shared Monalisa.

Monalisa is currently on a break from the shoot and will begin work most probably by next week, “I am going to Uttar Pradesh tomorrow to meet family and spend time with them and from next week I will start shooting,” she said.

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