Neil Bhatt : Smart Jodi Gave Us an Opportunity to Explore Another Side of Us | Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin co-stars Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt got married last year, and have participated in the recently launched reality show, Smart Jodi.

In an exclusive conversation, the actor opened up on the reason for participating in the show. “It’s a very different kind of reality show and I don’t think I have seen something like this. It’s not a talent based show, but is essentially a game show or a skill based show I can say, but mostly a game show. At the heart of it lies married couples and their journey of how they got married and where they are in their married life at present. So it’s all about companionship, chemistry between the couples, and a lot of fun. We are loving it,” he states.

He further adds, “There are dance and singing reality shows, but very few are meant for known personalities. So this came as a breath of fresh air. Since Aishwarya and I just got married, it gave us a chance to explore another side of our relationship. More so, when we were offered the show, the first thing that was told to us was that we want you guys to enjoy yourselves and let yourself be the way you are on camera. So we don’t have to pretend. It’s a different kind of a show where there is no competition as such in the sense we don’t have to ask for votes, and there is no judge. We are just 10 couples who are mingling with each other, talking with each other, and having fun. It’s a good space to be in. So all these things gave a good vibe for the two of us which is why we opted for it.”

According to him, who is the smartest jodi on the show besides him and his actress-wife? “Bhagyashree ma’am and Himalaya sir because they are wise, have seen life and have had experience of life. Himalaya sir is extremely funny and has an amazing sense of humour. They have an amazing chemistry between the two of them. Even after spending such a long time, their love has aged so well. The other jodi that I can mention is Balraj (Syal) and Deepti (Tuli). I think they are extremely funny,” says Neil.

He states that both Balraj and Deepti have an amazing sense of humour. “At the same time they have this unsaid understanding between the two of them which comes through and is really good. I think everybody is good on the show and they have a good understanding, that’s why they are on the show. But these people, I love their chemistry. So smartest, I don’t know if I am the right person to answer that question, but I like their chemistry and stuff,” Neil concludes.

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