Shafaq Naaz on Why She Lost Many Followers on Social Media

A popular character leaves such a strong impression on people that the actor’s reel identity often gets confused with her real one. Shafaq Naaz couldn’t agree more. Still remembered for her portrayal of Kunti Mata in Mahabharat (2013), she finds it difficult to convince people to look beyond her screen avatar. In fact, she has lost out on many followers for posting pictures of herself in western attire on her social media pages.

The actress, who is currently seen in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, shares, “I don’t regret playing Kunti Mata and will essay it again if I am offered the part. I have lived and loved that character. My only grievance is that people should know that it was a character I played. They must not forget the actual person or let it overshadow everything else I have done on the professional front. I was just 21 when I played the part. It is really funny that when I post a picture wearing a skirt or other western clothes, I get messages like, ‘Kunti Mata, what are you wearing? These clothes don’t suit you’. A lot of people have unfollowed me just because they can’t see me now dressed in modern clothes.”

Some responses to her pictures forced her to turn off the comment section. She says, “Honestly, it is my profile and my life. I will do whatever I want to do. I genuinely don’t care as I know that I am not doing anything wrong, putting up anything vulgar, or crossing the line. But it can be quite disturbing and annoying after a point.”

She adds, “As an artiste, you always aspire to play that one character, which stays with people forever and I feel fortunate to have portrayed one such part. It’s been eight years and people still remember me as Kunti Mata. However, they are not ready to accept me for who I am. I just feel that people should judge me for the character I am playing currently.”

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