Shakti -Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki |Virat के papa ने ली College में Entry

Virat gets sad to lose his DJ player at the hands of Daljeet. Heer searches him in the college and asks his friends. Virat tells Dadu that he befriended Heer just yesterday and she might be waiting for him in college, but he is locked in the house. He punches on the boxing bag to relieve his anger. Heer thinks why Virat didn’t come to college? She gets worried and comes to his house. He sees her outside the window and finding it hard to climb up. He holds her hand and helps her come inside. They fall down on the floor. He asks what is she doing here? Heer tells him that she came to meet him as he didn’t come to college on the first day of their friendship.


Pic: Jigyasa Fancafe

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