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Shocking Twist Awaits Viewer’s in Anupamaa !

Anupamaa has been on the top slots for all the viewers with its nail-biting twists and riveting storyline. Yet another such massive twist is set to take place in the show leaving the fans in shock.

The shocking promo

According to the show’s latest promo, a great tragedy is about to strike the Shah and Kapadia families. Everyone in the family rejoices when Samar and Dimpy announce their pregnancy.

Anuj then asks Samar for a party, and all of the men leave. Anupamaa is taken aback when Vanraj, Toshu, Anuj, and Adhik return with Samar’s dead body. While the family mourns Samar’s death, Vanraj informs everyone that Anupamaa’s husband Anuj is to blame. Anu, like the others, is taken aback.


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Sagar on stepping into the shoes of Samar

Samar has been one of the most adored characters in the show, initially the role was played by Paras Kalnawat and later Sagar Parekh took over after Paras made an exit from the show midway. The actor recently completed a year playing Samar and had exclusively shared his experience of being a part of Anupamaa with ETimes TV.
Sagar said, “I had given my everything. I had told everyone about it as I was sleepless for so many days. I had never done a replacement and this was my first such character that too in a number one show. Everybody has eyes on you, not only the audience but even people from the Industry. So this was my golden chance to prove my skills with the dream team. It would be very depressing for me if I didn’t deliver as at that point I was searching for an opportunity.”

Sagar on facing negativity initially as Samar

Sagar also opened up about how he dealt with the negativity that he faced initially, he said, “The audiences were also against me. I had experienced a lot of negativity from them as they had seen one face for almost two years so they were attached to it and refused to accept me. Samar was one of the most prominent characters in the show. I remember out of nowhere I received a lot of negative comments when I started playing Samar. Those hateful messages were really sad for me and then there was this pressure whether the co-actors would accept me or not.”

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