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Sudhanshu Pandey returns to shooting for Anupamaa after his Dubai trip

Sudhanshu Pandey recently came back from his trip to Dubai and has already jumped back into work for the popular TV show, Anupamaa. Exciting news for his fans, as he shared his return on Instagram with a boomerang and a caption that humorously expressed his return home, both to India and to his on-screen home in Anupamaa.

The caption on his Instagram story, “laut ke buddhu ghar ko aaye,” reflects his joy in returning not just to India but also to the Anupamaa set.

Fans were worried about what had happened to Sudhanshu Pandey since he was not being shown on the show, to which Sudhanshu Pandey went on an Instagram live informing his fans that he had taken a break from shooting for the show as he needed to go for a vacation; which is why he was in Dubai with his family.

Sudhanshu Pandey plays the role of Vanraj Shah, while Rupali Ganguly takes on the titular role of Anupamaa.

As Sudhanshu reprises his role, viewers can anticipate fresh conflicts and hurdles for Anupamaa to confront. The return of Vanraj Shah is sure to bring about new challenges that will test Anupamaa’s strength and resilience. It will be interesting for fans to witness how Anupamaa navigates through these new problems and emerges victorious.

In Anupamaa’s current storyline, the character Anupamaa has brought Baa and Baapuji to her house from the Shah residence. Now that Sudhanshu Pandey is back from his family vacation, he’s set to resume his role as Vanraj Shah and will be heading to the Kapadia household to bring them back. This return is expected to introduce new twists and turns to the plot, adding more drama and challenges for Anupamaa to tackle.

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