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Sumbul Touqeer : Kavya is shattered as her only hope Adhiraj betrayed her”

‘Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon’ follows the unwavering purpose of Kavya, an IAS officer, portrayed by the immensely talented Sumbul Touqeer Khan. She is resolute in her mission to serve the nation and uplift the common man. Her character radiates strength and she is unafraid of making daunting decisions when faced with the ultimate test. And now, as the storyline unfolds, Kavya is caught up in a web of emotion and misunderstandings that makes for an enthralling narrative.

After Adhiraj’s (Mishkat Varma) suspension from the academy, differences between Kavya and Adhiraj take a new turn and taking advantage of this situation, Adhiraj’s father, Giriraj Pradhan (Govind Pandey) seeds more misunderstandings between them.

Adhiraj gifts Kavya a lab coat with ‘Dr. Navya’ inscribed on it, as a gesture to celebrate her victory with the Basant Khedi project! But Adhiraj sees that the coat which he gave Kavya is back in his bag and he assumes that Kavya has returned it to him. Malini advises him to visit Kavya and return the lab coat, but Giriraj cunningly uses this opportunity to seek revenge against Kavya and her father Rajeev, as he plants money in the lab coat and involves the police.

Sumbul Toqueer Khan, who portrays Kavya, said, “There’s a saying: when no one is walking with you, walk alone. That’s what we do in life when people betray us. Even when you’re shattered, you have to keep going, no matter the gravity of the situation. For the sake of family, you have to sacrifice your emotions. Kavya is doing the same; she is on a path, walking alone, to resolve the conflicts in her life. Kavya is in a shattered state right now. Her one and only genuine supporter, Adhiraj, had betrayed her. But on the other hand, her emotions towards him also make her feel that he can never betray Kavya. The only faith Kavya now has is in herself, and she will do her best to get her father, Rajeev, out of jail. Let’s see how life unfolds for Kavya and her love in the show.”

Kavya believes it’s Adhiraj who aided Giriraj’s plan against her and refuses to reason it out with him. Adhiraj goes to console her, but he’s shocked to see Shubham (Anuj Sullere) hugging Kavya. Upon discovering the truth, Adhiraj decides to help Kavya, and for the sake of his love, he asks Giriraj to sign a petition affirming that Rajeev had done a commendable job and not offered a bribe. Adhiraj’s selfless sacrifice leaves Mayank fuming. To celebrate Rajeev’s return home, Jaideep and Gauri throw a party, during which Gauri brings up Kavya and Shubham’s wedding proposal.

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