Vijayendra Kumeria reveals he was a flight purser before becoming an actor

Vijayendra Kumeria, who is currently playing the lead character, Dev Parikh, in TV show ‘Naagin 4’, says that he is glad to be a part of the show. Talking about the content of fantasy fiction shows, the actor says, “All the seasons of ‘Naagin’ have worked well and I know that people enjoy watching such fantasy fiction shows. I had never done anything like this before. I have mostly played realistic characters and some over-the-top dramatic characters, but this genre was new to me. And working with a well-known production house is always a bonus. Every actor wants to work with them at least once in their career. That is what I thought while taking up the show. I have enjoyed doing the show, my role is challenging and different from what I have done so far.”


Watch Naagin 4 actor Vijayendra Kumeria talk about life in the lockdown and his acting career


Unknown to many though, acting was not the first thing Vijayendra pursued in his career. Before the acting bug bit him, he was a flight purser. So, what does he feel about this shift in career? “I am very happy that I am doing something that I really like. I wanted to be an actor, but was looking for the right path. It is not easy to be an actor because it is an unpredictable line. I wanted to secure myself financially before entering the entertainment field. As a purser, I think we are anyway acting when we are on a flight, so it wasn’t much of a shift for me.” (smiles)

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