Vikram Singh Chauhan Replaces Shoaib Ibrahim !

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka actor Vikram Singh Chauhan will soon be seen in a music video, ‘Deewane Do’ with Sasha Shetty. While the actor has already released the teasers and motion posters on his social media account, he wasn’t the first choice for this song.

Sasural Simar Ka actor, Shoaib Ibrahim was approached and even taken onboard for this music video. However, he had to opt out on the day of the shoot due to unavoidable circumstances. The actor’s father’s health had deteriorated and therefore, he had to let go off this song.

Talking about replacing Shoaib Ibrahim and doing this song, Vikram Singh Chauhan told ETimes TV, “I remember I was almost off to sleep when I got a call from my friend Atmika Tiwari checking on my availability as they were stuck in between shoot and urgently needed me. I remember packing my bags late night and rushing to the airport, landing in Delhi same day and heading straight to the set to finish the shoot. Glad I at least got a pee break before we rolled the camera.”

Atmika thanked Vikram for being such a sport and also expressed her desire of collaborating with Shoaib in future. She told us, “Our new song, Deewane Do is releasing on February 2. The female lead is Sasha Shetty. She is a ballet dancer and has done an amazing job. Our male lead is Vikram Singh Chauhan. We initially locked Shoaib Ibrahim but due to some unavoidable circumstances we had to replace him with Vikram Singh Chauhan. On the day of shoot, we had to start at 6 PM and Shoaib got a call from his family that his father isn’t well. He’d got a stroke and he had to immediately fly back home. That was a very unfortunate situation for us. At that point, we were very helpless and we called Vikram Singh Chouhan and he came as a support. It was so nice of him that he immediately said ‘yes’ when we called him to do the song. We are very thankful to Vikram for this amazing gesture. We would really love to work with Shoaib Ibrahim in future but it was so unfortunate that we couldn’t work with him.”

Shoaib Ibrahim had shared about missing out on his shoot due to the uncalled situation in his vlog while his train travel to Delhi. We reached out to Shoaib Ibrahim but did not receive any response yet.

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