Why Did Erica Fernandes Return to the Sets of Kasautii Zindagii Kay?

Erica Fernandes aka Prerna Kasautii Zindagii Kay had been shooting from home after her co-star Parth Samthaan tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. The actress had also taken the COVID-19 tests, results of which were negative. However, for safety precautions, Erica decided to be at home in quarantine and shoot from home. Now, Erica has returned to the sets of KZK, almost after 17 days. In a recent chat with the Times of India, Erica opened up about her decision to resume shoots from sets.

The beautiful actress shared that while shooting from home she had read a few sequences, which she thought would not be effective if she shot them alone from her house. Moreover, she was not happy with the way she was looking onscreen. Shooting alone was affecting Erica’s performance. She said that she is a major part of the show, and it would not have looked good if she was seen only in close-ups shots, sans any interaction with her co-stars.


Not only this, but Erica also added that the ratings (TRPs) were getting also affected, and she did not want her show to suffer. So, she decided to return to the sets. Erica also mentioned that it was her sole decision and there no pressure from the production house.

Before making the decision, Erica had a brief conversation with her parents, as their safety was the main reason she had decided to shoot from home earlier. Prior to returning to sets, Erica ensured to take proper safety measures and make appropriate arrangements. Erica said that her father is a heart patient, and has had four heart attacks, while her mother has a history of TB (Tuberculosis). Besides, the actress also has breathing problems. She shared that he could not have headed out to shoot, met several people, and come back home to her parents, as it would put them to risk.

Thus, before deciding to return to the sets, she requested her parents to shift to another house. Erica’s parents have been staying separately so that she does not come in direct contact with them. Erica shared, ‘I have never stayed away from my family, so it’s going to be a new experience. If I visit them, I will probably see them from outside the window (laughs!).’

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