Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai : Kartik-Naira की नन्ही जान है ज़िंदा ? | YRKKH | UMe TV

Kartik and Naira cry on missing their daughter. He encourages her to move on in life by being thankful for what they have. He tells that they lost their daughter, but they have their son. He asks her to be happy with Kairav. He pacifies her and takes her home. She meets Kairav and hugs him emotionally. Kairav gets worried to see her crying and asks the reason. Naira doesn’t want to tell him about the sorrow she faced at the hospital. Kartik and Naira bring Gayu home and face an angered Samarth. Gayu tries to lie about the hospital visit. Samarth confronts her about her lie.

He tells that Vansh called to speak to Trisha and they happened to see Gayu with the doctor on the video call. He tells Gayu that he is much disappointed to see her lying as if her intentions about the baby aren’t good. He asks Kartik and Naira to stay out of the matter. He tells the family that Gayu lied to him, she doesn’t want to bring the baby into the world, since she knows that the baby means everything for him. He tells that he is awaiting his own child, but Gayu is just thinking about Vansh. He accuses her that she doesn’t want to give happiness to him.

He tells the family that she fell down the stairs and didn’t care to tell him, she doesn’t even take food and medicines on time. He blames her for securing Vansh’s place in the family and trying to abort the coming baby. He tags her as a selfish mother to just love one child. Gayu bears all his frustration alone. She didn’t wish Samarth to get hurt.

She knows he is much possessive about his baby and would panic soon, that’s the reason she didn’t wish to tell him about her fall. Samarth crosses limits while accusing her. Naira tells Samarth that she can’t stop herself now and would definitely defend her sister. She tells Samarth that he isn’t letting Gayu take care of herself, he is doing everything in advance and then calling her careless. She further adds that Gayu’s mood swings will be different in both the pregnancies, he can’t drag Vansh in the matter. She cries to express her sorrow over her daughter’s loss. She blames Samarth for giving so much stress to Gayu and troubling her.

She asks him to just make the pregnancy a happy phase by controlling his craziness. She wants Samarth to make Gayu feel at ease, so that she can stay happy. Kartik asks Samarth to stop dominating Gayu and be a good life partner. She tells that Samarth should support Gayu. The family supports Kaira and Gayu in this matter. They ask Samarth and Gayu to deal with their emotions and not let it hurt each other. Dadi tells that she will take the matter in her hand if they don’t manage it. Samarth realizes his mistake. Kartik and Naira are upset about their daughter, while Vansh and Kairav make sure that they keep Surekha happy. The family is aware of Kaira’s sorrow and also Surekha’s longing for her sons.

Dadi is glad that at least Vansh and Kairav are keeping Surekha happy. She speaks to Guru ji, who warns her about a coming problem in her family. He advises her to conduct a havan for the family peace. Dadi agrees to him and also informs the family about it. She wonders what’s the problem coming in their lives. She wishes Kartik and Naira stay together and united always. Suwarna asks her not to worry. Dadi tells that she will do the havan arrangements. Kartik calls the nurse, Leela to speak to her. Naira wants to avoid the talks. She stays sorrowful.

Kartik speaks to Leela and reminds Naira’s case. Leela knows him well. She panics when he speaks about his daughter. She avoids Kartik’s calls. This makes him feel weird. He doesn’t tell Naira that something is wrong with Leela. He thinks to meet Leela and help her financially. Samarth apologizes to Gayu. Gayu knows his emotions well and forgives him. Kartik and Naira buy some project material for Kairav. They think of their daughter’s death anniversary and get sorrowful. They think to hide their sorrow from the family and keep a puja for their daughter’s soul peace. The family is also aware of the date.

They speak to Kirti and Krish and wish him on birthday. Dadi prays that Kartik and Naira’s sorrow gets less. Kartik and Naira don’t want the family to worry for them. They try to be happy and celebrate Krish’s birthday with them.

Naira bakes a cake and makes Kairav cut it on Krish’s behalf. Vansh and Kairav enjoy a lot and make a funny family video. Dadi knows that Naira is hiding her sorrow. Manish asks Kartik and Naira to carry on with their work. Kartik takes Naira to Leela’s house to hand over a donation for her help. Leela gets worried to see them and hides. She makes her son lie to them that she isn’t at home. Kartik offers the cheque and tells that he will be happy to help Leela, to return her favor.

Leela feels sorry to cheat them. She doesn’t meet them. Kartik and Naira reach the temple to conduct a puja. They get surprised when they find the entire family coming for the puja to pray for their daughter. Kartik and Naira get thankful to them and continue the puja. Kartik gets a sign about his daughter, when he finds Leela. He follows Leela but loses track of her. The puja gets hindered since Kaira’s daughter is alive. Naira and Dadi get too worried by the shocking incident. They get more panicking on finding Kartik missing from the puja. They wonder what’s more important for Kartik that he left from the puja. Kartik hopes to find Leela and get his answers. He thinks once he gets something good to know, he can share the matter with Naira.

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