YRHPK : Kuhu’s B’day Party Aur MishBir ki Pehli Holi | SBD

Parul gifts her mum’s silver earrings to Kuhu, which the latter rejects. Kuhu happily accepts Meenakshi and Nanu’s gifted diamond earrings. Abir pulls Kunal’s leg. He wants Kuhu to take Parul’s gift with a nice acceptance. Kuhu clears out that she doesn’t wear silver jewellery. Parul gets upset. Kunal takes Parul’s blessings. He asks her to just bless Kuhu. Parul wishes they stay happy. Mishti feels bad to see Parul heartbroken. She makes a plan with Nanu to cheer up Parul. She tells Parul that the earrings are beautiful, she wants to wear it. She makes Parul feel confident and special.

Meenakshi thinks Kuhu is much jealous of Mishti and soon would fight with Mishti. She wants such drama in the family so that she can insult Maheshwaris. She asks Laxman to make legal documents and come home. Abir doubts on her on seeing her sneaking out of the house. He follows her to question her activity. She lies to him and gets the papers in time. She is sure that this move will break Kuhu and Mishti apart forever. Mishti tells Abir that she has worked hard. Abir and Mishti have a moment. He is worried because of Meenakshi. She asks him to just be happy.

Abir gets glad to know that Mishti has cheered up Parul. He thinks until Mishti is with him, the family will never sink in sorrow. Parul tells Abir that Mishti is also her bahu. She hugs Mishti with love. Later, Kuhu feels bad that she has hurt Parul. She thinks to accept the earrings. She tells Meenakshi that she wants to go and accept the earrings. Meenakshi tells her that Mishti has already taken those earrings and now Kuhu can never get it. Kuhu feels angry that Mishti always takes her rights. Mishti has taken the earrings just to keep Parul’s heart.

Meenakshi tells Kuhu that its not a big thing to refuse for silver earrings, Parul will understand her and not take it on heart. Meenakshi welcomes Maheshwaris and wants the sisters to fight in front of them. Rajshri likes Mishti’s earrings and prays that Mishti and Kuhu stay happy. Meenakshi and Rajshri want their families to be happy. Meenakshi is mistaken that Mishti is a house breaker. She doesn’t realize that she is herself breaking the house. She wants Abir to perform the Holika dahan puja. Kuhu expresses wish to perform. Abir and Mishti show a big heart and let Kuhu and Kual perform the puja.

Also, Abir tells Mishti that he is ready to fulfill the kiss challenge. Mishti stops him. Mishti receives a gift from Meenakshi. She is stunned to see the property transfer on her name. She doesn’t want it. Meenakshi and Kunal tell that they have gifted the business to Mishti, since Kuhu already has her own business. Mishti is much grateful that Kunal showed much faith on her. Kuhu objects to it. She feels bad that Kunal didn’t think to gift the business to her. She burns in jealousy. Mishti thinks Rajvanshs have accepted her heartily. She slips near the fire and meets with an accident. The families rush to Mishti’s aid. Abir hugs Mishti.

Kuhu helps Mishti. Abir and Kuhu save Mishti from the fire. Meenakshi asks Kuhu about Mishti’s injury. She tells that she didn’t mean to say that Kuhu pushed Mishti. Kuhu angrily accepts that she is angry that Mishti got all the property and pushed her. Mishti doesn’t want Kuhu to carry the jealousy ahead. Kuhu asks do they think she is a vamp, she can’t intentionally hurt anyone. She doesn’t tolerate the blame. She tells them that she didn’t hurt Mishti, she can never fall so low to push someone in the fire. She feels bad and vents out the frustration. She has an emotional outburst and goes away from the family.

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