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Naira sees Javeri and goes to teach him a lesson. She didn’t wish him to make the court battle a personal enmity.

Javeri asks Goenkas about Kartik’s survival hope. This angers the family. He tells that he wants to know about Kartik’s recovery. He is also worried for the case, since his son’s name also got dragged. He tells Goenkas that he can call the best doctors for Kartik if they want his help. Naira reaches them and tells them that Javeri is behind the accident, he had attempted to kill Kartik. She tells that Javeri has sent the truck driver to kill Kartik. Javeri is much tensed. He denies the accusations. Naira tells him that she will not let him go free, she will get him punished, since she has got to know this shocking news from her trusted source. Javeri asks Manish to control his Bahu, who seems to have lost her mental balance because of the stress.

She tells that Naira is accusing him when he is innocent, she is getting mad on seeing her husband critical. She tells him that she will get proof against him, the police has already caught the truck driver. Javeri tells Goenkas that they can file complaint against him if they don’t trust him. He quickly leaves since he doesn’t want to get more interrogated by Naira or Goenkas. Naksh and Shivani learn about the driver’s statement. They inform Naira that driver has admitted the crime and also told Javeri’s name, since Javeri hired him for the accident plan. Naira tells Kartik that she will get Javeri punished.

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