Surekha meets Naira and shows concern for Kartik. She requests Naira to just withdraw the case which led them into this horrible situation. She tells that people are blaming Naira for the accident, which isn’t wrong completely. She asks Naira to think how the court case is breaking their family. She pleads Naira to step back. She asks Naira if she can promise it. Naira refuses to Surekha’s request. She wants justice for Trisha and Kartik as well. The family reaches the court for the hearing. Javeri is targeted by Shivani and Naira. Shivani proves that Javeri hired the driver to scare the witness Mohan, who has run away to save his life. She tells that Javeri is playing evil to win the case.

She calls the driver to testify. The driver is bribed by Javeri and lies to the court. Shivani shows the interrogation footage. She tells that the driver is lying right now. Javeri manipulates the witness and proof. He proves himself right. Kartik gets critical. Doctor summons Naira who can stabilize Kartik. Suwarna worries for her son. Naira loses her cool seeing Javeri winning the case. She grabs his collar and gets violent. Naira accuses him for attempting to kill Kartik. Javeri gets too personal and tries to prove her mentally unstable. He tells her that he has a proof that she is mentally not fit and hallucinates. He tells that Naira is accusing him falsely.


He saves his name cleverly. Naira cries and falls weak. She is thrown out of the court. Goenkas feels bad for her. Naira misses Kartik. Javeri tells the court that Kartik can prove Naira’s mentally unstable state. He gets attacking Naira’s weakness. Kartik reaches the court on a wheelchair, shocking Naira and Goenkas. He supports his wife and also accuses Javeri. What will happen next?

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