Anupamaa : The Bombay Journey ft Rupali Ganguly with Siddhaarth Aalambayan

Mega Mall had a sale, Monisha wanted a free ride, and we wanted an interview!
Welcoming India’s favourite bahu, Anupama aka Rupali Ganguly on The Bombay Journey! She talks about her journey from playing Monisha Sarabhai in Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai to Anupama in the Star Plus series. Her theatre life, her Marathi upbringing, her difference in film and serial acting, to her studio cum dog shelter, we have covered it all!

Kya karein, Monisha ke baatein khatam hi nai hoti!

Watch as Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly shows us around her childhood home, have samosa pav and chai with us, and also spills some beans!
Rupali is a household face, rules the internet with her reels and has made space in every Indian aunty’s heart as Anupamaa, of course she has stories to tell. Watch this fun and exciting car interview and tell us in the comments who you would like to watch next.

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