Debattama Saha Reveals All Her Firsts ! | ETimes TV

Debattama Saha in conversation with ETimes TV talks about all her firsts and reveals some interesting facts from her journey. Debattama talked about her first pay cheque when she was a radio artist and got Rs 500 as her first salary from the gig. Debattama further spoke about her first crush and revealed that when she was in school and had a huge crush on a guy from her 6th-standard class.

The actress further told how she yelled at her crush and later how embarrassed she was about her behaviour. Debattama revealed her first love letter and she would text her first puppy love and states that she is a very big-time romantic. Debattama also talked about her first compliment and said that she was singing some bhajan on the Rajdhani train and a Hollywood director approached her and gave her his card for further contact.

Watch the video to know more!

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