Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke PROMO : Mishti & Abir’s BIG Secret OUT !

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has kept the viewers engrossed with its enthralling plot ever since it made its ‘grand’ comeback on July 13 (2020). The show is focussing on the turmoil Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) and Mishti (Rhea Sharma) are facing in their lives. While Mishti is dealing through huge mental stress after a mistake that she committed three months ago, Abir is trying to help her get out of the situation in every possible way. However, in the upcoming episodes, ‘MishBir’s’ big secret will be exposed.

As per YRHPK’s new promo, Abir will be content that finally, things are going good in his life. After a long-long wait, happiness has knocked his doors, as his cousin sister Ketki is all prepped up to tie the knot with Varun. While Abir will feel that his and Mishti’s sad phase is over now, Mishbir receives a greater shock. An enraged Varun turns up to the Rajvansh house, to announce that he is calling-off his wedding with Ketki. Varun’s anger and his disapproval of marriage at the very last moment leaves Meenakshi, and the family utterly shocked.

As Meenakshi confronts Varun for his sudden change in mind, Varun will point fingers at Abir and Mishti, and ask Meenakshi to understand the truth from them. Abir and Mishti will get scared as their ‘big hidden secret’ will be out in front of the Rajvansh family.

Here are some glimpses from YRHPK’s new promo: 

Meanwhile, Mishti accidentally killed a man, three months back. And Varun is the younger brother of the deceased. Mishti is undergoing post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident, while Abir is trying to hide the truth from everyone. It would be interesting to see how MishBir will fight against this new trouble in their life. Will Varun expose Abir and Mishti’s truth in front of the family, and call off his marriage with Ketki? How will the Rajvansh family react to Varun’s revelations?

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