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Anupamaa : Barkha’s Question Leaves Anupama in a Shock !

We’ve already seen that Kavya throws a baby shower with a lot of fanfare for the Shah family, and Kavya is eager to tell Anupama something she’s been thinking about for a long time. But in the upcoming episode, Kavya tells Anupama that the baby isn’t Vanraj’s, it’s Anirudh, and Anupama is shocked. Vanraj, meanwhile, pretends not to know the truth and goes on with his day.

But the Kapadia family gets a shock when Barkha asks Anupama something that will leave her speechless. We’ve also got a new character joining the show, who’s coming in as an illegitimate child – Ankush’s son. Barkha is gonna be in for a surprise.

In the spoiler alert, it has been revealed that Ankush is planning to bring his illegitimate son into the Kapadia household. Barkha is opposed to this, and in order to gain Anupama’s sympathy, she asks her, “If Anuj does this, will Anupama accept it?” This will bring about a dark situation for Anupama. As the show has already celebrated Kavya’s baby shower, both families will be present and this drama will be played out in front of them. In such an environment, Anupama will be reminded of what she has gone through in the past.

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