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Katha Ankahee : Ehsaan Encourages Viaan to Fight Back Against Shamita !

Sony Entertainment Television’s most recent offering, Kathaa Ankahee is churning out interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. According to the storyline, EarthCon board members, on the other hand, advise Teji to select a female member who can lead the investigation objectively, and Kathaa’s name gets mentioned in the same. In the meantime, Katha confesses to Neerja that she lacks the courage to confront Viaan. Neerja counsels Kathaa on how to face her fear.

Later, Kathaa discusses with Aarav how she has been appointed to decide if a man in his company is guilty of the accusation or not. On the other hand, Viaan speaks to Aarav about the situation where Aarav will assure Viaan that he will win the case because he is strong and not at fault, leaving him emotional. Kathaa finally confronts Viaan about the situation and he will simply say that if he hasn’t done anything wrong he wouldn’t be punished and vice versa.

Now, in the coming episode, Shamita will be seen in Kathaa’s cabin where Kathaa will ask her about the accusation she has made against Viaan. Shamita will reveal in front of Kathaa that Viaan fired her unfairly, without giving her proper clarity. Shamita will confess that she will now be spilling the truth in front of everyone. On the contrary, Ehsaan will be seen encouraging and standing in support of Viaan to fight this battle against Shamita because he hasn’t done anything wrong and shouldn’t be just sitting back and watching her wrongdoings.

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