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Katha Ankahee : Viaan & Katha to Get MARRIED !

In the latest track of Katha Ankahee, the puzzles are finally solved and Aarav and Viaan discover the truth about their relationship. Aarav goes to Viaan’s house to talk about Katha. Meanwhile, Tejji contacts Maya Didi and Farah for advice and is encouraged to accept the truth that Viaan loves Katha. Aarav accepts Viaan as his father and leaves his house. Viaan discusses everything with Tejji, who eventually agrees with Katha.

Finally, things seem to be falling into place for the characters and viewers can anticipate positive developments. The next day, Katha and Viaan meet at their office and Viaan’s excitement is evident as he shouts and calls out Katha’s name. Katha arrives and calms him down, reassuring him that they should wait for a special occasion before revealing their relationship to everyone. The audience eagerly awaits the moment when the entire Earthcone family will learn about KaViaan.

In the upcoming track of Katha Ankahee, Viaan’s secretary informs him that it is Katha’s birthday. Viaan is thrilled as this is her first birthday after their love confession. Katha invites the Earthcone family, Tejji, and Viaan to celebrate with her. Aarav takes pictures of his mother and Viaan during the celebrations. Exciting twists are anticipated, and viewers are curious to see if Tejji will easily accept Katha or if she will plot to ruin everything.

Furthermore, there might be an interesting track as everyone starts preparing for the wedding. Katha and Viaan desire a simple wedding and decide on their dream location, Udaipur. This storyline has viewers eagerly awaiting the wedding of Katha and Viaan.

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