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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Reeva’s Strategy to Split Ishaan & Savi !

The television show starring Bhavika Sharma and Shakti Arora has captured the hearts of its audience with its intriguing storyline. Currently, the show delves into the complexities of the relationship between Ishaan, Reeva, and Savi.

Ishaan is driven by a singular purpose: to protect Savi and alleviate the guilt he feels for being indirectly responsible for the death of her entire family. Meanwhile, Reeva grapples with the reality that Ishaan is now Savi’s husband.

In the upcoming episodes, a significant drama is set to unfold, potentially shaking the foundation of IshVi’s love story.

In previous episodes, the staff at Bhosle University discovers that Ishaan is married to Savi, not Reeva. The news spreads like wildfire, leaving people to discuss how Reeva’s life has been irrevocably altered. Some even speculate that it will be challenging for Reeva to continue working at the university, given that both Ishaan and Savi are part of the same institution.

Rao Saheb, determined to keep Savi and Ishaan’s wedding news under wraps until the family’s reception, reprimands Durva. He believes that her actions—calling out Savi in front of the entire college—only exacerbate the situation. Durva, in turn, places the blame squarely on Savi, alleging that she assaulted her in full view of everyone.

As Reeva leaves Bhosle University and sits in her car, she spots Ishaan and Savi together in a rickshaw. They carry boxes, and Savi ties a piece of cloth around Ishaan’s head. The sight of them together once again shatters Reeva emotionally. Back home, Reeva pens a letter—a mysterious act that leaves us wondering whether she contemplates taking her own life or resigning from the university.

The impending revelation of Reeva’s actions promises to impact the delicate relationship between Ishaan and Savi. Viewers can expect twists and turns as the story unfolds! 📺🔥 .

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